One Life to Live

Since the moment we are born, we are dying.

Every single thing that we do from then on will become a part of us till we die. The failures, and the successes. Unfortunately, there is no ‘restart’ button, no ‘pause’ in life and it will continue no matter what you do. Whether we like it or not, we have only one life to live.

I am in my 20s and I have a long road ahead of me. I can foresee that I will need to make many decisions with regards to career, life and relationships and I am scared, scared to know that I might make a wrong decision and also the thought that we only have this one chance at life pressures me further.

I believe that for almost everyone, being in our 20s is not easy. The countless decisions to make, the responsibilities that follow and the fear that our lack of experience can fail us anytime.

However, as I read ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ by Viktor E. Frankl, I remembered something that I forgot, something that had given me peace before for the outcome of the decisions that I will make.

A rich and mighty Persian once walked in his garden with one of his servants. The servant cried that he had just encountered Death, who had threatened him. He begged his master to give him his fastest horse so that he could make haste and flee to Teheran, which he could reach that same evening. The master consented and the servant galloped off on the horse. On returning to his house the master himself met Death, and questioned him, “Why did you terrify and threaten my servant?” “I did not threaten him; I only showed surprise in still finding him here when I planned to meet him tonight in Teheran,” said Death.


Millennials Will Have It Hard

Millennials Will Have It Hard


I‘m sure you’ve heard of people saying, “Oh, this generation have it easy”, “This generation is so lucky!” and so on and so forth. Most of them, if not all, have a gist of something related to the way this new generation is so lucky because they have technology and comfort, and they will never know the hard way of doing things. However, all of that are one-sided and I am here to bring you the new generation’s perspective.

I was walking in a shopping mall window shopping when I saw a young girl crying and hugging her mother’s leg as if holding on for dear life. I didn’t stay behind to find out what happened next as I went on my merry way but a thought struck me, the upcoming generation will have it hard. I know, I might not be that old and most likely I may have a part to play in the future too but what I’m saying is that the 2000s generation will have so much burden weighed on them later on.

This thought might be the completely different than what everyone else might be thinking but hear me out.

Climate Change

With climate change becoming increasingly apparent recently with stronger typhoons and more unpredictable weather patterns, it is obvious that this will be a problem that the new generation will face.

It is an unfortunate circumstance for the Millennials because this is a problem that was caused by people long before they were born. It is almost unfair for them to be the ones to deal with it.

Unfortunately, not everything can go our way and these Millennials will have to find ways to cope with the harsher weather and warmer climate. Luckily, they have Technology.

Death of Cultures

Even today, we can see the increasingly damaging impact of globalization.It is true that globalization has brought a lot of positive changes in the way we live but unfortunately, it is not the same for traditional cultures. Some have started to lose their fluency in their own mother tongues and some are unsure of their own cultures.

Cultures that seem backward will definitely be the first ones to go in a future of a fully globalized world.

As the world is becoming more globalized, some languages will become the main tongue of the people like English and Mandarin whereas some languages will die.

The Millennials will have to learn to preserve cultural diversity or else, they would live in a totally colorless place.


I’m sure all of us have seen the graph of population growth where the human population began to exponentially increase when it reached 1 billion people. Now, in the near future, there will be so many people on the planet estimating of about 9.6 billion people in 2050.

Now, with the higher population, the Millennials will have to find a way to solve other accompanying problems such as food, water and living space. Alongside with climate change, low-lying lands might not be habitable in the future leaving less space for more people. Humanity might be forced to live closely together and we can see the possible effects today in countries such as Japan.

With the improvement in technology, the production of food might not be a problem, however, due to the impact of climate change and increasing capitalism, there will be a drastic reduction in the diversity of food sources that we can get. As an example, corn and soy crops are dominating the food industry because of their higher yield and usefulness. This is what we call the homogenization of food. With a lower diversity in our food sources in the future, the Millennials might have to prepare themselves for a possible mass wipeout of crops due to diseases.

These are just some of the highlights that will happen in the future and it up to the Millennial to find solutions to them.

Therefore, even though the Millennials might have it ‘easy’, they are facing some real problems that are global in scale. It might also be unfair to say that the Millennials will face problems that are much more demanding than the generations before them who had experienced wars, famine, deaths and destruction and the truth is, each generation will have their own disasters to deal with.

It is not fair to say that Millennials have it easy because most of the people who said that will not live long enough to experience the disasters so, please learn to keep your mouth shut.

As I thought about this long after the incident with the little girl, I felt empathetic for their future as I would be one of the people they would look up to for advice in that bleak future. I guess, it is the time I step up my game.



Money Grows on Trees

Money Grows on Trees


When I am worried about the way an average someone spends their money on things that they may not need, I would occasionally say, “Money grows on trees”. At first, it was meant to be sarcasm on how easy they can spend money as if money grows on trees. However, soon, it became a statement that holds much value in the way we should view money.

Before the idea became something of a philosophical analogy, I had the impression that “Money grows on trees” meant that money is easily attainable just like picking an apple from a tree. However, soon after, it dawned on me, when was the last time anyone saw an apple on a tree, especially in modern cities like Singapore? Therefore, I came to realise that the statement has a deeper meaning that we can associate with money.

Allow me to continue to use the apple and its tree as a comparison.

Money is Out There

In cities like Singapore, apples can easily be found in supermarkets and with a wide variety of them ranging from fuji apples to royal gala apples and if we think further, these apples would have come from somewhere. These apples would have been shipped in boxes from suppliers overseas from countries such as China and Japan, basically, a source. So, what has this got to do with money? Everything. Like apples from a source, money also has a source albeit it can come in many different forms. We can get money by working, we can get it by committing crimes (highly discouraged) or we can get it by asking our parents just to name a few.

In layman terms, money has a source and it is up to us to find that source.

Active Searching for Money

Imagine that you’re a city-dweller like me and you’ve never seen an apple on its tree in real life before and you would want to see it, how would you go about it? Possibly, you would first search it up on google on where to find apple tree orchards, next you would find transportation and the appropriate route to go there and finally, you would head for it. This is the same for finding money. Money does not appear by magic (unless your parents are super rich and they give money to you every single day) but instead you are required to have some proactiveness. Like other normal people, you would require active searching for jobs and ways to find money. You would ask your contacts, you would search online and even go for a job fair or two. If you do not do those things, I will imagine that you would still be in your room crying out about why you have no money and how miserable you are.


Finally, you have arrived at the apple tree orchard and now, you would want some of those delicious red apples. What do you do now? Obviously, you don’t just stand there and hope that the apple will fall like in the story of Isaac Newton, instead, you need to put in the bloody effort by grabbing a basket and a ladder and start climbing. This is the same if you want to get some money. You don’t just have a job and wait till your payday but instead, you need to put in the hard work and effort. Maybe, if you’re good at what you do, you would get a pay raise too.

We might complain when we see people who can afford multiple cars and large houses and say, “Why can’t that be me?”, I would just love to give those people a tight slap. Getting money is not easy but it is out there. We require hard work and proactiveness just like picking an apple from an apple tree but who amongst all of us are confident enough to say that they worked their butt off? Precisely.

Now, if you see an average person (especially a young human being) spending money freely on things that they may not need, go up to them and tell them the story of the apple and its tree and tell them that “Money does grow on trees”.


Top 3 Articles I Read This Week #3

Top 3 Articles I read this week! #3


This week I have some articles that I want to share with you with the encompassing theme of self-development. All of these articles contain tips and tricks to motivate yourself throughout the day to Hustle and get things done!

8 Things Every Person Should Do Before 8 A.M. – Benjamin Hardy

Do you always wake up tired and groggy? Do you always feel unmotivated and sick of the day even before it started? Do you dread the thought of waking up and preparing for work every morning? If so, I have a few questions to ask you.

Do you have a ritual every morning? Do you feel energised as you prepare for work? If your answer is no, then it is about time you start adopting rituals.

So, what are rituals? Rituals are basically daily practices that a person does every single day which begins from the moment they wake up. It can be super simple like having a shower, do some light exercises/stretching and having a hearty breakfast. It is a set of tasks that you do to keep you moving and motivated. It calms your mind and prepares it to tackle the day ahead. It has to be something that is familiar to you and does not require much mental effort. If you have problems thinking about what should be included in a ritual, you can read this article as it suggests certain activities that you can adopt and include into your daily ritual.

For me, I’ve adopted to have cold showers in the morning and darn is it refreshing!

Read it here:

Get Sh*t Done – Jasky Singh

The last time I remember being super productive is when I was editing a video a few months back and I’ve been trying to find ways to relive those moments of intense productivity. If you’re like me, you’ll be searching and trying out countless techniques that promise high productivity but to no avail. However, when I read this article just this week, it amazes me how a simple change in mindset can increase productivity.

I’m sure all of us tried the ‘removal of distractions’ method where we all chuck our phones, computer and any other forms of distractions from our working space. However, we retrieve those distractions back countless times. Why? It is because the distractions are easily accessible. However, imagine you’re on a plane to some far away land and with all your gadgets unable to function with only work left accessible, what would you do? You would do the work unless you’re able to withstand boredom. Therefore, this article introduces just that. A change in mindset from on land to on the plane.

I will adopt this technique and share with you guys my experiences.

Read it here:

How to Have More Ideas – Ben Noble

All of us experience moments of mental-block where we can’t seem to get new ideas for a project or a schoolwork that we’re working on. I experience that too. However, this article is here to save all of us from ever experiencing that block ever again. It is simple, just think and brainstorm of 10 new ideas every day even if it is a horrible one.

I am definitely adopting this on top of my all day every day writing.

Read it here:


Top 3 Articles I Read This Week #2

Top 3 Articles I read this week! #2


This week, I’ve read some interesting articles that will make you ponder about a lot of things.

Multiculturalism & Muslims Belonging In the West – Usaama al-Azami via Huffington Post

Due to the increase in terrorist threats all over the world, people are becoming more afraid. They are afraid to the point where they associate any Muslims with terrorism. This has brought out a question on whether multiculturalism itself is a threat to the safety of a country.

In the article, Usaama al-Azami was trying to find the answer to the question of, “how can a greater sense of belonging for Muslims in the West be engendered?” After researching, he found the works of Tariq Modood who wrote about Multiculturalism before the rise of ISIS with proposals that can be effective today.

I personally think that multiculturalism has become something that other countries are hesitant to adopt because of the possible terrorist threats. However, I believe that the opposite happens instead. Due to alienation by their own community, Western Muslims become segregated and the ideology of terrorism becomes more enticing.

Read this to have a brief understanding of the position of Muslims in the West and how Multiculturalism might be the answer to terrorism.

Read it here:

Shut Up and Be Patient – Mark Manson

Another article by the hilarious Mark Manson. Let me tell you this, I was reading this article on the way to work while commuting and I totally laughed by myself. It is such a hilarious article.

Basically, the article talks about how most of us are wishing for change and expect them to come instantly but failed to realise that we are complex creatures. Mark compared us to a moving Titanic where a lot of time and effort are required to steer it away from an iceberg. Being human, we are a complex being made of habits, experiences and emotions. It will take a lot of time and effort for us to change even a small part of ourselves.

Sometimes, we want to change our own perceptions. However, countless years of environmental pressures such as being bullied because of being fat, being told that they are dumb by their teachers and so on had made them incapable of seeing themselves in a positive light and will continue to do so even if they lost a lot of weight or get a PhD.

It is easy to change the physical aspects of ourselves but the mental perceptions that have been drilled into us will take patience.

This article is amazing and I totally recommend this to everyone.

Read it here:

Why I Chose a Life of Travel Over a Career – Aly (Psychotraveller)

I was actually researching on travel and I found this Youtube Video and I realised that this is a question that people thought about before in their life. The thought of travelling crossed my mind before but I had no idea at all how it would be like and this article answered my questions.

We all might think that travelling requires a lot of money and therefore, requires us to work for a few months and then go travelling for another few, however, that is not how it should be. If you want to live a life of travel, you have to work on the go.

Also, some of us might think that by living a life of travel, you are having luxuries upon luxuries but this is not true. Travelling requires effort and you have to sacrifice luxury for it. People live a life of travel for the exhilaration they get from experiencing the world, not for the luxury.

We need to understand that living a life of travel is not easy. It requires discipline, perseverance and sacrifice.

I recommend you to read this article if you are interested in finding out more about living a life of travel and how to go about doing it.

Read it here:



Text & Conversation

Text & Conversations


The progress of technology has brought new frontiers in the way we communicate with one another. Since the invention of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell in 1849, the way we communicate has changed forever.

I find it funny how texting has become the norm in communication even though in the past, people do not find it at all useful when you can call. However, people of the past did not even comprehend how mainstream texting will turn out to be.

Texting speaks volumes about how introverted humans actually are. We stare behind a screen typing ferociously away on our virtual keyboards sending short messages consisting of symbols and lines that will then be sent to others sharing our thoughts and concerns. The same if not a much more impactful approach would be to pick up the phone and call but instead, we prefer the text.

Texting is synonymous with the way Millennials communicate. We use instant messaging applications such as Whatsapp, Facebook Chat and so on. We also use texting to coordinate social functions and discuss ideas for a project. Sometimes, we even use texting instead of a doorbell. The question here is, ‘Why are we so obsessed with texting?’

Here’s what I think.

Texting is Simple

The basics that you need to know before you start texting is a basic understanding of Language. I mean, sometimes, you don’t even need to know anything before you can start texting (well… except maybe switching on the phone). Texting is simple, really simple. Just type your message on the virtual keyboard and send it out to a receiver. That’s it, and because of its simplicity, Millennials love it. It removes all the hassle of human to human interaction if the goal is to just send a simple message.

Humans are Innately Introverted

Humans are considered social creatures. We form complex social hierarchies and have complex social interactions within a group. However, even though it is true, we are still innately introverted. We longed to be alone especially after having so many interactions. We longed to just listen to our music and cut off all ties with others and texting helps us to do just that. With texting, we eliminate all forms of body language and vocal interactions leaving up to simple words to convey messages. It removes almost all forms of emotional attachment in a message.Therefore, it helps us to convey information without the need for any personal, emotional interaction.

Humans love to live in their own Time

Unlike calling, texts received are not obliged to be replied immediately. This might be why Millennials love it so much. Unlike calling where one has to reply and think on his feet about the questions that might be asked by the other party, texting allows us to have time and space to ponder and think about the answers we want to give. We feel more in control of our time and the conversations we are having during a period of time. With a much higher sense of control, it is inevitable that we turn to texting whenever we can.

Like I’ve said before, texting is currently a fundamental way we communicate. However, with new upgrades and new inventions, the way we text will inevitably change.

Texting might be a bland and a direct way of communication while removing almost all aspects of social interaction. However, the current trend of texting seems to become more emotionally expressive over time. With the creation of emoticons, then to emojis and then to who-knows-what, the way we text is steadily changing. With emoticons and emojis, our once bland and boring texts are now more emotionally expressive. It is funny how a balance of emotional expressiveness and introversion have been achieved. So, the question is, what’s next in communication?

Currently, social media is playing a huge role in human interaction. With the invention of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, the way we have conversations with people have completely changed. Like texting, social media provides the same value, like simplicity and without any real-time obligation to answer, we are able to communicate at our own pace and whenever we like to. I think that’s the future of communication and human conversation.


Top 3 Articles I Read This Week #1

Top 3 Articles I read this week! #1


T his is the first of many posts listing my top article reads for the week. It will encompass a huge range of topics from politics to entrepreneurship.

The only similarity between the articles is that they are articles that interest me.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit: Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made? – Gary Vaynerchuk

In a world full of people calling themselves ‘entrepreneurs’, it becomes important to highlight who is and isn’t one. In this article, Gary wanted to confront the fake ‘entrepreneurs’ once and for all. He highlighted that no one can be an entrepreneur because one has to be born to be one. I was a bit taken aback by that comment but by reading further, I realised that he made sense. He compared entrepreneurship to basketball. He said that by maximising a skill set, it does not make you a great entrepreneur just like how being short but highly skilful does not make you an awesome NBA player. You have to be tall, big and strong. Therefore, the same reasoning applies for entrepreneurship. One has to be patient and have an independent spirit just to name a few.

I highly recommend checking this article out ( for someone who wants to know whether they have the potential to succeed as an entrepreneur. Also, check out his website

Why I have a Potty Mouth – Mark Manson

I personally do not use vulgarities as a way of expressing myself however, I found this article highly captivating and interesting. I appreciate the angle that he took in explaining the importance of vulgarities and their place in this world.

Vulgarities are deemed offensive due to the culture of the time they are in. Over time, vulgarities achieve different meanings and levels of offensiveness. This highly volatile nature is normal because we humans define the word after all. Mark brought forth the idea that swear words are usually used to create a shocking effect unlike any other words available.

I recommend you to read this article because vulgarities is a part of everyday life. One has to understand the functions vulgarities can play. Basically, what I’m trying to say is STOP using vulgarities freely. Appreciate the function they have in the language and only use them when appropriate.

Read it here:

It is Time to Forgive Yourself – Sulaiman Bholat via

Life is never easy and every single day, we encounter people who will put us down no matter what we do. We can do ourselves a favour by not contributing to our own emotional stability. We need to stop putting ourselves down. We need to start to forgive ourselves and get closure.

This article is for those who is going through a bad time and for those who want to love themselves more.

Read it here: