Top 3 Articles I Read This Week #1

Top 3 Articles I read this week! #1


T his is the first of many posts listing my top article reads for the week. It will encompass a huge range of topics from politics to entrepreneurship.

The only similarity between the articles is that they are articles that interest me.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit: Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made? – Gary Vaynerchuk

In a world full of people calling themselves ‘entrepreneurs’, it becomes important to highlight who is and isn’t one. In this article, Gary wanted to confront the fake ‘entrepreneurs’ once and for all. He highlighted that no one can be an entrepreneur because one has to be born to be one. I was a bit taken aback by that comment but by reading further, I realised that he made sense. He compared entrepreneurship to basketball. He said that by maximising a skill set, it does not make you a great entrepreneur just like how being short but highly skilful does not make you an awesome NBA player. You have to be tall, big and strong. Therefore, the same reasoning applies for entrepreneurship. One has to be patient and have an independent spirit just to name a few.

I highly recommend checking this article out ( for someone who wants to know whether they have the potential to succeed as an entrepreneur. Also, check out his website

Why I have a Potty Mouth – Mark Manson

I personally do not use vulgarities as a way of expressing myself however, I found this article highly captivating and interesting. I appreciate the angle that he took in explaining the importance of vulgarities and their place in this world.

Vulgarities are deemed offensive due to the culture of the time they are in. Over time, vulgarities achieve different meanings and levels of offensiveness. This highly volatile nature is normal because we humans define the word after all. Mark brought forth the idea that swear words are usually used to create a shocking effect unlike any other words available.

I recommend you to read this article because vulgarities is a part of everyday life. One has to understand the functions vulgarities can play. Basically, what I’m trying to say is STOP using vulgarities freely. Appreciate the function they have in the language and only use them when appropriate.

Read it here:

It is Time to Forgive Yourself – Sulaiman Bholat via

Life is never easy and every single day, we encounter people who will put us down no matter what we do. We can do ourselves a favour by not contributing to our own emotional stability. We need to stop putting ourselves down. We need to start to forgive ourselves and get closure.

This article is for those who is going through a bad time and for those who want to love themselves more.

Read it here: