Top 3 Articles I Read This Week #2

Top 3 Articles I read this week! #2


This week, I’ve read some interesting articles that will make you ponder about a lot of things.

Multiculturalism & Muslims Belonging In the West – Usaama al-Azami via Huffington Post

Due to the increase in terrorist threats all over the world, people are becoming more afraid. They are afraid to the point where they associate any Muslims with terrorism. This has brought out a question on whether multiculturalism itself is a threat to the safety of a country.

In the article, Usaama al-Azami was trying to find the answer to the question of, “how can a greater sense of belonging for Muslims in the West be engendered?” After researching, he found the works of Tariq Modood who wrote about Multiculturalism before the rise of ISIS with proposals that can be effective today.

I personally think that multiculturalism has become something that other countries are hesitant to adopt because of the possible terrorist threats. However, I believe that the opposite happens instead. Due to alienation by their own community, Western Muslims become segregated and the ideology of terrorism becomes more enticing.

Read this to have a brief understanding of the position of Muslims in the West and how Multiculturalism might be the answer to terrorism.

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Shut Up and Be Patient – Mark Manson

Another article by the hilarious Mark Manson. Let me tell you this, I was reading this article on the way to work while commuting and I totally laughed by myself. It is such a hilarious article.

Basically, the article talks about how most of us are wishing for change and expect them to come instantly but failed to realise that we are complex creatures. Mark compared us to a moving Titanic where a lot of time and effort are required to steer it away from an iceberg. Being human, we are a complex being made of habits, experiences and emotions. It will take a lot of time and effort for us to change even a small part of ourselves.

Sometimes, we want to change our own perceptions. However, countless years of environmental pressures such as being bullied because of being fat, being told that they are dumb by their teachers and so on had made them incapable of seeing themselves in a positive light and will continue to do so even if they lost a lot of weight or get a PhD.

It is easy to change the physical aspects of ourselves but the mental perceptions that have been drilled into us will take patience.

This article is amazing and I totally recommend this to everyone.

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Why I Chose a Life of Travel Over a Career – Aly (Psychotraveller)

I was actually researching on travel and I found this Youtube Video and I realised that this is a question that people thought about before in their life. The thought of travelling crossed my mind before but I had no idea at all how it would be like and this article answered my questions.

We all might think that travelling requires a lot of money and therefore, requires us to work for a few months and then go travelling for another few, however, that is not how it should be. If you want to live a life of travel, you have to work on the go.

Also, some of us might think that by living a life of travel, you are having luxuries upon luxuries but this is not true. Travelling requires effort and you have to sacrifice luxury for it. People live a life of travel for the exhilaration they get from experiencing the world, not for the luxury.

We need to understand that living a life of travel is not easy. It requires discipline, perseverance and sacrifice.

I recommend you to read this article if you are interested in finding out more about living a life of travel and how to go about doing it.

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