Money Grows on Trees

Money Grows on Trees


When I am worried about the way an average someone spends their money on things that they may not need, I would occasionally say, “Money grows on trees”. At first, it was meant to be sarcasm on how easy they can spend money as if money grows on trees. However, soon, it became a statement that holds much value in the way we should view money.

Before the idea became something of a philosophical analogy, I had the impression that “Money grows on trees” meant that money is easily attainable just like picking an apple from a tree. However, soon after, it dawned on me, when was the last time anyone saw an apple on a tree, especially in modern cities like Singapore? Therefore, I came to realise that the statement has a deeper meaning that we can associate with money.

Allow me to continue to use the apple and its tree as a comparison.

Money is Out There

In cities like Singapore, apples can easily be found in supermarkets and with a wide variety of them ranging from fuji apples to royal gala apples and if we think further, these apples would have come from somewhere. These apples would have been shipped in boxes from suppliers overseas from countries such as China and Japan, basically, a source. So, what has this got to do with money? Everything. Like apples from a source, money also has a source albeit it can come in many different forms. We can get money by working, we can get it by committing crimes (highly discouraged) or we can get it by asking our parents just to name a few.

In layman terms, money has a source and it is up to us to find that source.

Active Searching for Money

Imagine that you’re a city-dweller like me and you’ve never seen an apple on its tree in real life before and you would want to see it, how would you go about it? Possibly, you would first search it up on google on where to find apple tree orchards, next you would find transportation and the appropriate route to go there and finally, you would head for it. This is the same for finding money. Money does not appear by magic (unless your parents are super rich and they give money to you every single day) but instead you are required to have some proactiveness. Like other normal people, you would require active searching for jobs and ways to find money. You would ask your contacts, you would search online and even go for a job fair or two. If you do not do those things, I will imagine that you would still be in your room crying out about why you have no money and how miserable you are.


Finally, you have arrived at the apple tree orchard and now, you would want some of those delicious red apples. What do you do now? Obviously, you don’t just stand there and hope that the apple will fall like in the story of Isaac Newton, instead, you need to put in the bloody effort by grabbing a basket and a ladder and start climbing. This is the same if you want to get some money. You don’t just have a job and wait till your payday but instead, you need to put in the hard work and effort. Maybe, if you’re good at what you do, you would get a pay raise too.

We might complain when we see people who can afford multiple cars and large houses and say, “Why can’t that be me?”, I would just love to give those people a tight slap. Getting money is not easy but it is out there. We require hard work and proactiveness just like picking an apple from an apple tree but who amongst all of us are confident enough to say that they worked their butt off? Precisely.

Now, if you see an average person (especially a young human being) spending money freely on things that they may not need, go up to them and tell them the story of the apple and its tree and tell them that “Money does grow on trees”.