Millennials Will Have It Hard

Millennials Will Have It Hard


I‘m sure you’ve heard of people saying, “Oh, this generation have it easy”, “This generation is so lucky!” and so on and so forth. Most of them, if not all, have a gist of something related to the way this new generation is so lucky because they have technology and comfort, and they will never know the hard way of doing things. However, all of that are one-sided and I am here to bring you the new generation’s perspective.

I was walking in a shopping mall window shopping when I saw a young girl crying and hugging her mother’s leg as if holding on for dear life. I didn’t stay behind to find out what happened next as I went on my merry way but a thought struck me, the upcoming generation will have it hard. I know, I might not be that old and most likely I may have a part to play in the future too but what I’m saying is that the 2000s generation will have so much burden weighed on them later on.

This thought might be the completely different than what everyone else might be thinking but hear me out.

Climate Change

With climate change becoming increasingly apparent recently with stronger typhoons and more unpredictable weather patterns, it is obvious that this will be a problem that the new generation will face.

It is an unfortunate circumstance for the Millennials because this is a problem that was caused by people long before they were born. It is almost unfair for them to be the ones to deal with it.

Unfortunately, not everything can go our way and these Millennials will have to find ways to cope with the harsher weather and warmer climate. Luckily, they have Technology.

Death of Cultures

Even today, we can see the increasingly damaging impact of globalization.It is true that globalization has brought a lot of positive changes in the way we live but unfortunately, it is not the same for traditional cultures. Some have started to lose their fluency in their own mother tongues and some are unsure of their own cultures.

Cultures that seem backward will definitely be the first ones to go in a future of a fully globalized world.

As the world is becoming more globalized, some languages will become the main tongue of the people like English and Mandarin whereas some languages will die.

The Millennials will have to learn to preserve cultural diversity or else, they would live in a totally colorless place.


I’m sure all of us have seen the graph of population growth where the human population began to exponentially increase when it reached 1 billion people. Now, in the near future, there will be so many people on the planet estimating of about 9.6 billion people in 2050.

Now, with the higher population, the Millennials will have to find a way to solve other accompanying problems such as food, water and living space. Alongside with climate change, low-lying lands might not be habitable in the future leaving less space for more people. Humanity might be forced to live closely together and we can see the possible effects today in countries such as Japan.

With the improvement in technology, the production of food might not be a problem, however, due to the impact of climate change and increasing capitalism, there will be a drastic reduction in the diversity of food sources that we can get. As an example, corn and soy crops are dominating the food industry because of their higher yield and usefulness. This is what we call the homogenization of food. With a lower diversity in our food sources in the future, the Millennials might have to prepare themselves for a possible mass wipeout of crops due to diseases.

These are just some of the highlights that will happen in the future and it up to the Millennial to find solutions to them.

Therefore, even though the Millennials might have it ‘easy’, they are facing some real problems that are global in scale. It might also be unfair to say that the Millennials will face problems that are much more demanding than the generations before them who had experienced wars, famine, deaths and destruction and the truth is, each generation will have their own disasters to deal with.

It is not fair to say that Millennials have it easy because most of the people who said that will not live long enough to experience the disasters so, please learn to keep your mouth shut.

As I thought about this long after the incident with the little girl, I felt empathetic for their future as I would be one of the people they would look up to for advice in that bleak future. I guess, it is the time I step up my game.