You’re Lucky

Think about it. Out of all the millions of other possible souls that could have been brought on this Earth, you were the one chosen to be born. Out of all the endless possibilities and infinite probabilities that would have had occurred, instead, that one combination of possibilities and probabilities that would lead to your existence happened. Even with all the possible dangers that could have happened during your mother’s pregnancy and childbirth that could have led to you being unborn, you were still brought into this world, alive and healthy. Even with all the dangers that exist from the moment you were born till you were a young adult: the possible car crashes, accidental homicide, fatal falls and plain heart failure, you still managed to get out alive and well.

Think about it, instead of rotting in a grave somewhere, you are alive and breathing. You’re lucky.

You can call it a chance or an act of God but either way, you are gifted, gifted with the gift of Life. You are gifted and possibly super lucky to be born a human being. You are given this gift of life allowing you to breathe the fresh and cool morning air, allowing you to hear the beating of your heart and allowing you to feel the sweat dripping from your forehead during the warm summer months. You are able to experience living in this world no matter how cruel it may be. That is a splendid gift.

Imagine the number of premature deaths that happened, the number of individuals who had hoped to live up to adulthood let alone teenagehood, but their lives were taken away all of a sudden due to war and terrorism. Imagine the number of embryos which were unable to enter this Earth because their mothers died during an attack or the number of children who died due to malnutrition. Imagine that.

Now, think about you. Think about your life. Is your life not better? Don’t you not appreciate this gift of life? You might think that your life is in the worst possible mess but remember this, you are gifted with this gift of life and a lot of dead people would beg you for it and you want to negate your existence from this world?

This life might not hold meaning to you except pain and suffering but know that so many other people would wish that they could feel the pain and suffering just to know that they are alive. You would not want to give up because as cliche as it is, this life will definitely turn for the better. Always know that even if you seemingly lost everything, your career, your family or your house, you still have that gift of life. If you appreciate that gift, it will help to propel you forward and before you know it, you will be on your feet much more successful than ever.

Therefore, I urge you, I urge you to think about it. You’re lucky, you just need to acknowledge it.