Dirt & Flowers

Flowers are everywhere and they come in various different colours, structures and smells. Some are huge like the Rafflesia flower while others are small like the Ixora. Flowers can also be found on almost every continent on Earth, from the deep jungles of the Amazon to the harsh deserts of the Sahara. Also, dirt can be found everywhere on Earth and they are the same throughout. Though they might have different compositions but fundamentally, dirt is still dirt, made from countless silicon dioxide crystals.Therefore, have you ever thought about how amazing it is that so many beautiful flowers can grow from this same dirt?

The analogy that I have used above about dirt and flowers can also be used for human beings. I’m sure all of you know that each of us are different, unique in our own special way but why do we still compare ourselves to others, yearning and wishing to have someone else’s beauty, brains or brawn?I want to bring up a point that we should not compare ourselves to others but instead, we should take advantage of our own unique strengths.

Fundamentally, human beings are all the same, made of the same material, carbon. Like dirt, human beings from around the world do not deviate from this single fact. However, like flowers, all of us are different and beautiful in our own special way. Through both nature and nurture, we grow up to have different tastes and preferences and a multitude of different goals and aspirations. We become personalised, having our own thoughts, feelings and moral compass. Therefore, don’t you think that by comparing ourselves to others, it is counterproductive?

First, let us talk about why we compare ourselves to others. We compare due to unhappiness about our own current situation. We envisioned ourselves to be more beautiful, more wealthy and revered for having a high status in society. Therefore, we look up to these individuals that have such beauty, wealth and status. We yearn to be like them and to have what they have. However, unfortunately, we fail to recognise that these people that we idolise also have their own sets of unique problems where some have difficult problems such as drug addiction and broken families. However, because of their ability to portray themselves in a good light, we fail to see through the lies.

Now, let me ask you a question, would you take on that burden of drug addiction and family feuds in return for beauty, wealth and supposed status? Would you be able to shoulder that burden?

The point I am trying to make is that all of us are unique. All of us have our sets of strengths and weaknesses and our own sets of problems and burden to carry. It just so happens that our strengths are not beauty, wealth and status. If we want to compare ourselves with others, to be fair, we have to compare as a whole along with their problems. Everything comes as a package. No ease comes without suffering and no strengths come without weaknesses.

Therefore, I urge all of us to stop comparing ourselves to others and to appreciate and take advantage of our strengths. Learn and maximise your skill in your strength, for example, if you are good in speaking, learn and extend your knowledge in all areas of speaking from public speaking to stand-up comedy/improv.

We need to understand that we cannot have everything, no matter how hard we wish and pray. Like flowers, we are all unique individuals living and breathing on this same planet, walking around carrying our own sets of problems that are unique to ourselves. Do not be sad that you do not have what you want but be glad that you do not have the burden that they have. You are unique, take advantage of that.