Your Last Words

The jagged edge of the blade rests just below your throat. You could feel the coolness of the steel against your skin. You could not believe that after all those days surviving, it would come to this. You breathed heavily, wondering what had happened just a few moments before.

“It all went too quickly”, you thought.

A knock on the door, followed by a slam and soon, the wooden door broke free off its hinges. Men entered, eyes red, saliva sputtering out of their mouths while they shout with enraged voices. You were pulled by the collar to the middle of the square room where you have been hiding for days. Looking at the men’s faces, you saw that they cannot be reasoned with.

Cold sweat dripped down from your forehead, tears threatened to trickle down your cheek and your heart is pounding hard against your chest. You stayed quiet, praying, hoping for a miracle to come.

Now, with the blade against your skin, your captor asked, “Any last words, boy?”

You shook, eyes darting left and right, trying to find an escape. You don’t want to die. You don’t want this to be your last day. Seeing your hesitation, your captor slapped you across the face. Blood starts to fill your mouth and you spat it out. You cried and you mumbled, “Not today.”

What would your last words be? What would you say if you are facing Death?

Imagine sitting there, Death in front of you, your whole life flashing back in front of your eyes and you are only given a sentence, one sentence before your life is taken away. How would you go about it?

There are so many things one can say, one can question the captor to feed his curiosity before he dies, one can beg for mercy, one can pray or one can threaten. However, if Death is there, would questioning, begging and threatening work? I am afraid not. Would praying work? Well, maybe. Whatever it is, we should think about our last words because humanity today are living as if they would live forever. By thinking about our last words, we will understand the futility of escaping death and remind ourselves that one day, we will also be 6 feet down into the ground. It forces us to face our own mortality and remove whatever illusions that made us think that we are gods on Earth.

We can die, understand that.