I Am Afraid

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I Am Afraid

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I am afraid. I am afraid of death, loss of time, broken relationships, change, memory loss and so much more.

There are so many things beyond my control, beyond our control. We cannot control when we die, how our life will ultimately turn out or what illness might befall us in the future. We also cannot control the outcome of our hard work, patience, and dedication.

It scares me to realise that there are so many things beyond my control and everything that will happen in the future from now on would be a mystery. The only way to find out is to live it. It scares me to know that as we grow older, we are closer to death. It scares me to know that as we grow older, whatever we came to understand and know about the world will change. Technology will advance, societies will prosper, countries will rise and fall and landscapes will change. It scares me to know that all the fun and games of childhood and teenagehood have come to an end and the cruelty and harsh environment of adult life have arrived. From going to school every single day, studying and playing games, we moved on to celebrating birthdays and graduations and now, the next milestones are marriages and career progressions.

I have been doing some thinking. I have thought about what will happen in 50 years. It will be the year 2066 and throughout the years from 2016 to 2066, some of us might have passed on, most of our parents would too, some might have raised happy families while others not. Some of us might have already retired and are enjoying our golden years while others might still be chasing after their dreams. Most of us would also experience the pains of life such as failed careers, divorces, deaths of loved ones and a whole lot of heartbreak. The world would also see radical changes. As technology has progressed, we might have solved food shortages or poverty. We might also see the beginning of establishing ourselves as a galactic species with new colonies on Mars.

I am afraid of the many things that will happen in my lifetime, the things that I will experience and the things that I will encounter. I am afraid of the pain that I have to endure in the future and the experiences that life will put me through.

However, this is life and all of us have to through it no matter what. The only thing will make everything better is how we face the problems that life throws at us.