The Analogy of Painting on Life

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Analogy of Painting on Life

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A painting especially masterpieces created by wonderful and talented artists take months and even years to complete. However, as much time as they take to be produced, masterpieces are never a wasted investment.

All of that hard work and effort was not gone to waste as the product is this beautiful and gorgeous piece of artwork that captures the eyes of everyone. Say, for example, the popular Mona Lisa painted by the highly talented Leonardo da Vinci where it took about a decade to complete. da Vinci was said to have continuously refined it till circa 1516.

Just like the masterpieces created from the continuous effort of artists, your life is your masterpiece. However, the first stroke was put on the canvas of life when you were still very young. Every single moment and experiences from then on will contribute a stroke on that canvas. However, some strokes will not be as good as others which will affect the whole quality of your masterpiece. Therefore, you try to fix it by putting in effort into more good strokes and the cycle repeats. Over time, you begin to see a picture on your canvas of life, a blooming, and every growing picture. This process will forever continue until you achieve what you deemed as Success. The final result of all those strokes represents everything that had happened in your life, everything encompassing from the good and the bad.

However, just like how a giant splash of paint can ruin a masterpiece like the Mona Lisa, your life can be ruined too by a miscalculated decision. Therefore, do know that whatever you do will contribute to that final masterpiece on your canvas of life and it is completely within your control on what the final painting would be.