Prioritise Parents

Are your parents your first priority?

Before I begin, in this article I would be referencing to certain Islamic sources but I assure you that even Non-Muslims will be able to relate and understand.

Today was Friday and like every other Friday, Muslims are required to attend the Friday Prayers at the mosque and like every other, there would be a Friday Sermon followed by the Friday Prayers itself. The topic of the Friday Sermon was Developing Humbleness Through Acts of Rituals and the thing that made me emotional was a part telling us about the weakness of every human being:

“The Prophet s.a.w. said in a hadith: “Whoever is not grateful to people, is not grateful to Allah.” [Hadith narrated by Ahmad] This hadith hence serves as a reminder to us that we are weak and are in constant need of others in order to live comfortably. It also reminds us that we were once helpless and weak, but Allah has blessed us with a family and parents who showered us with their love. They took care of us, attended to us and raised us. So let us not forget to always make du’a for them after our every prayer: “O Allah, please forgive my sins and the sins of my parents, and have mercy upon them, like how they were towards me when they were nurturing me during my childhood.””

That last line was like a hard kick to the face.

We are nothing without our parents. From a small baby being just a few seconds old until we have grown up into an adult, we need our parents every step of the way. When we were hungry, they were they ones who cooked or bought for us food. When we were sick, they were the ones who took care of us until we healed. When we were sad and feeling down, they were the ones who showed care and compassion when no one else would. They were the ones who groomed us to become who we are today. We cannot be where we are today without their help and therefore, how could we even consider finding them annoying or a nuisance?

Your parents had their whole life planned out until you arrived which then, you became their plan. They sacrificed everything for you, their wealth, their careers, and even their friends just to nurture and spend time with you. They always have you in mind, thinking about whether you are eating well, whether you are comfortable and whether you are well taken care of.

You are the world to your parents and you have and will always be their first priority.

Have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe, that you are not prioritising them over everything else?

Our parents do not deserve a child that does not love them back, that is rude to them and that does not think that they are worth the time. They deserve better.

Therefore, I urge all of us, to understand that our parents never had it easy raising us. They never stopped worrying about us. For all that they did for us, all the sacrifices they made, all we have to do is to show them that they are our utmost priority and that they are worth a whole lot to us. Love them and cherish them.