I Love to Create

Every single day, I am learning a bit more about myself albeit slowly. One day I might realise that I love something and the next day I might hate it but all in all, the experiences will all come together to form what I believe will be my true self. It is interesting to be on this journey of discovering myself and learning more about what kind of an adult I will be in the future. However, with all the change that is happening to my character, my likes and dislikes, and my opinions about the world, there is something which I think will stay with me forever. It is my love to create.

I love to create and form ideas. I love to materialise ideas into video or blog posts. I discovered this interest when I was about 13 when I decided to make videos and put myself out there on Youtube. It was pretty bad to begin with but I enjoyed the process of seeing your hard work materialise into something which people can enjoy. I love the recognition or hate that I get from it. As quickly as I started, I stopped for a while because I realised that I was not mature enough to produce good content. I stopped for probably a very long while until recently. However, throughout that time, I was still creating. I blogged on Blogspot and fell in love with how social media allows me to share things on my mind and my ideas. I was not outstanding in any way but it did not matter as long as I was able to share my thoughts somewhere.

During that period of time, many things happened but I still have that interest in creating things especially in Photography and Cinematography. I have always wanted to take awesome photographs and make wonderful videos that attract attention and that is still one of my unspoken goals in my life. So, recently, I have started to make use of my time doing videos and trying out vlogging. The videos turned out pretty well and I am proud of it. Now, I am on a project called ‘Transition to Adulthood’ which is a video series to document the important life changing phase between the ages of 18 – 20 where most of our career decisions are made. I started it because I was struggling to discover what I really want to do in life and it seemed as such an important phase in life that I was afraid to short-change myself by making a decision and regretting it later. Therefore, I decided to get a better perspective by listening to how other people make theirs.

That is just one of my many other projects that I might be embarking on to further my creating tendencies and I hope that I would also learn a great deal about how humanity functions.

Creating is something that I realised will stick with me for a long time and it is just one of those things that I never expected myself to fall in love with.

I am still understanding my likes and dislikes on a daily basis and it is something that will be continuing for a long while.