My Funeral

The smell of fresh flowers filled the air. The murmuring of prayers under the breaths of people is the only sound that broke the silence along with the occasional sobbing. Tears dripping from their eyes, wetting their cheeks. Their lips pressed together trying to push back the tears while others sobbed quietly in the corner, hands to their mouths trying not to burst out in tears. There are some who stood quietly with their heads down as if in silent prayer.

You stood from afar, looking at the scene before you. You wanted to tell them not to cry. You wanted to tell them that you are in a better place right now but you can’t, they could not hear you or see you. With eyes shut, lips in an everlasting smile, your body laid cold on the floor, wrapped in pristine white cloth as per the Islamic way. Prayers were said, goodbyes and kisses were given. They wrapped you in the white cloth and proceeded to put you in the casket to be brought to the cemetery.

You stood there, observing the surroundings. You saw many families and friends, people that you love and cherish till the end of the world. You also saw many other people that you have impacted one way or another. The auntie that you always bought breakfast from every morning, the cleaner uncle around your area and even the young children you always played with at the park every weekend. You tried to hug them, telling them that you are thankful for them to be there but your body just went through them, hopefully, they know that you are grateful.

That is how I want my funeral to be like, filled with friends and families that I will forever cherish and people that I have impacted positively that will remember my legacy.

To achieve that, I will need to start living by doing things that would impact others positively. It all begins now. It really put things into perspective on how I should live my life.

It really put things into perspective on how I should live my life because I do not want to be forgotten after two generations, instead, I want my legacy to live on for as long as it can. It may sound arrogant but it is because I want my existence to leave a lasting impact on the world and continue to bring positivity long after my passing.

Many people have died bringing nothing to this world. Why don’t we make use of our existence to benefit humanity instead?