Would You Hire Yourself?

Wearing a slim fitted suit with shiny black shoes and his dark hair slicked back, he walks into the room with shoulders wide and squared. He is full of confidence. He pulled the chair and proceeded to sit across you. You blinked, wide-eyed, cursing yourself for sleeping in late last night. You are unsure what you are seeing, maybe it was something in the coffee, you were sure it tasted funny. You proceeded to pinch yourself ever so slightly.

“Ouch.”, you gritted your teeth looking down to see red slowly blooming on the surface of your skin.

Now, you are sure you are awake but the man across you is still smiling.

“This can’t be.”, you mumbled silently to yourself.

“Good Morning Mr ________.”, the man began to speak.

You gave a nervous smile.

“I am applying for the position of _________. Oh, and… you are not dreaming. I am you.”, he said in a matter-of-factly fashion.

Now, imagine that happening to you, you are interviewing yourself for a position in the company that you own. You began to read his CV – your CV – highlighting the achievements that interest you. You begin to see whether he is suitable for the job, looking at his past experiences and started to question his perspectives on certain issues.

As the interview continued, you realised that as intelligent as he may be, he lacks something, something that will cause you to reject him which is that he is too plain. You realised that you would not hire him because he is you and he is just too plain to play any proactive, creative and significant role in the company. He is you and he has all the skills that you have so why would you bother hiring anyone that does not bring benefit to the company?

After the interview, you began to realise that you are not special or the best in anything and that there are so many other people that have special talents or are amazingly gifted in their fields who can value-add you company is so many ways. Dark thoughts began to fill your mind telling you that you are easily replaced and that your skills are just too plain. The thoughts tell you to give up and go home because there is no point in having a ‘filler’ CEO in a company that is striving for greatness.

You reached home, slammed the door and sat on your bed, not even bothering to remove your drenched clothes due to the rain outside. The dark thoughts still filled your mind as you sat there quietly listening to the howling of the wind from your window.

Then like a slap to your face, your mind is instantly cleared of the dark and damaging thoughts and you understood what is needed to be done. You need to be different. You need to upgrade your skills and not remain in the status quo. You need to learn as much as possible and pick up a diverse range of skills that will be useful in life. You understood that that is the only way for you to always be valid and irreplaceable.

I believe that all of us think that we are irreplaceable at one point in our lives. We think that we are the best in what we do and that our jobs are secured. However, we can never be farther from the truth. I’m sure most of us have faced rejection before, be it in careers, love life or in school. The feeling of being rejected hurts knowing that you are less of what is wanted. However, we do not need to go through such painful processes to see where we stand anymore. All we need to do is to visualise interviewing ourselves, pick up our weak points and strengthen them. We should also diversify our skill sets, learn new things and focus on being irreplaceable.

I am on this journey too and learning new things along the way focusing on being irreplaceable and I believe that it will make me the best that I can ever be.

So, the question now is, would you hire yourself?