That One Problem

Maybe if we solve this one problem, we can really change the course of history.

Being a millennial myself, there is one thing that I realise most people in my generation lacked: self-awareness. Most of us do not question our own decisions. We listen to the opinions of others and in the span of a few seconds, make a decision that we might end up regretting. Most of us also do not spend much time on our own, thus, we fail to understand who we truly are. Instead, we listen to what others tell us who we are. An example would be, when you were to throw a lavish party in a club ‘celebrating’ our birthdays, people would tell you that you are such a fun, rich and wonderful person. They would throw praises at you and over time, you would end up believing that that is your identity. So, you begin to throw more of such parties and celebrations just to maintain that status of being the fun and rich person that everybody loved. Slowly but surely, you will begin to forget who you really are deep within. You start to mix up what others tell you and who you are supposed to be.

We lacked self-awareness because we no longer put in the time and effort to get to know ourselves. We have our priorities backwards. We use our free time to play games or do unproductive tasks. No longer do we spend the time to sit down and think.

We get lost in the sea of information, listening and reading about the opinions of others. We might agree with some and disagree with others. We might have some opinions ourselves and we share them with the world. However, over time, we have all these information in our brains that we become confused about what we truly believe. The information overload that we experience on a daily basis becomes a perpetual distraction that it will constantly take away the time that we have.

To have self-awareness is to have a strong belief in what we believe in and understanding that they play a role in shaping who we truly are as a person.

Millennials need to learn how to take the time off and just think. We need to learn to remove ourselves from the internet and stop this movement of information to our brains. I honestly believe that once we are able to do that, many of us will realise that there are many things that we did not know about ourselves. Things that otherwise we might just forget. We might also realise that there are certain beliefs that we are strongly for or against that we might never have discovered otherwise. Most importantly, we become more confident of ourselves.

That is one of the reasons why I decided to spend time on my own during my free time before university begins in August. I realised that I was in a state of panic and confusion unsure of what I truly want to do or what my life goals really are and so I wanted to use my free time figure all of that out. So far, it has been wonderful.

Therefore, I urge all millennials to spend some time on their own thinking every day, to listen to what their heart has to say. I promise you that it will be worth it and if the whole generation are to do it, I believe we can change the course of history.