Being a Person in Your Dream Job

I think this is the one advice that I have been searching for since the beginning of my journey of self-discovery.

I am sure all of us have that moment in time where we are just not sure on how to go about working towards that dream of ours. We have heard countless times from others telling us to strive for that dream of ours, work hard, hustle all the way or putting yourself all in but we never know what that truly meant and how to go about it.

“Do what you think a person in your dream job does and do it.”

Before we begin the journey, all of us are like empty souls with only a dream. We have no plan, no structure and no idea on how to begin that attempt at that dream. I too have the same problem, however, I recently realised that working towards a dream is not a battle against random odds but instead we could use a template to help us. That template is the job of a person in your dream job.

What I mean is, imagine you are a person in your dream job. Now, think about the different tasks that that person is responsible for and the tasks that you think is part of the job. An example would be, an artist. An artist generates ideas, creates, publishes and markets his work. If you want to be an artist, go and do those things. Another example would be, an entrepreneur. First, recognise that an entrepreneur is in charge of his own finances, the finances of others and the company. Every aspect of his company from the people to the coffee corner is under his purview. An entrepreneur sells his products or services, market it to the public or to a business and works hard at expanding it. If you want to be an entrepreneur do those things. Basically, just start doing what you think a person in your dream job is doing and do it.

I realised that it is as simple as that and I shall begin my new ‘career’ now.