Inhumane Humanity

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Inhumane Humanity

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We were born lucky. Gifted with sentience and intelligence.

We are able to build wonderful civilisations and breakthroughs in technologies.

We are able to make the blind see,

And the paralysed to walk.

We are able to connect billions of people together,

And get to know each other.


We are still barbaric as ever.

We ridicule and segregate each other,

Just because of language, religion and colour.

We fight, we steal and we kill,

Just because they do not have the same idea

of what politics, beliefs and culture should be.

We call ourselves Humanity,

One race to rule the Earth,

But we still listen to the bigots,

Who are spreading hate through their speeches,

Calling for Racism, Nationalism and War.

Thus, we divide, separate and segregate,

For fear of our safety.

How little do we know that,

That is where the problem begins.

I do not understand,

How could we be so ignorant,

Even in a time like this,

In a time full of progress,

A time when race, religion and language,

Should not matter anymore.