We are not entitled to anything

I guess, this can be applied to everyone from the first world countries.

In our peace and prosperity of our countries, in the comforts of our own homes with food on the table and a variety of drinks to choose from, with water running from our taps and clothes that fill our wardrobes, it might be hard sometimes to realise that we are not entitled to anything at all. We are not entitled to having food on the table, having a well-paying job or even having a roof over our heads. Sometimes we forget that we need to put in the effort to get that food on the table, that career that we have always wanted and a house of our own and thus, we complain to the government on why don’t we have enough food, why don’t we have a high salary or why don’t we have a place to live and question their competency of being the government.

We need to remove that sense of entitlement from our heads because deep down, we are not first-class citizens from a first world country, we are merely a common human being who will not have anything unless hard work is put in and we go through the right way.