A Task Left Undone

A task left undone is like a constant annoying ache in your chest, pounding and begging for your attention. That is what I am feeling right now when I decided to postpone my morning exercise till the afternoon because I wanted to catch up on my sleep and that is what I always feel when I procrastinate over something.

It is that constant aching feeling in chest that reminds you of a task left undone, it reminds you that you will not have a good day and you will not have relief until that task is completed. It irritates, annoys and thus, you are unable to focus and I hate it. As much as I hate doing a task, that aching feeling is far worse. Therefore, from this day forth, I pledge that I will complete a task as soon as I can thus, increasing productiveness and creativity.

Though, I really hope my willpower is strong enough to push away the tempting hand of procrastination. Well, wish me luck!