What’s Different

What is the difference between us and the successful? What is the difference between you and Elon Musk? What is the difference between you and Mark Zuckerberg? What is the difference between you and Gary Vaynerchuk? Yes, you might have differences in terms of skills and the types of opportunities they got but apart from those there really isn’t anything different between us and them. They are not genetic freaks with superintelligence that allows them to make instant money just by doing one simple task, no, they are normal human beings like us and like any other normal human being, they worked hard to become successful.

You might say that they might have special opportunities that allowed them to be where they are today but that is wrong. You have opportunities, I have opportunities and they have their own sets of opportunities. Opportunities exist everywhere and it is up to us to grab them when we can. They made use of their circumstances to their own advantage and they leverage on them.

We, in our time and age, have the largest opportunity called the Internet. For the first time in history, the information from all the major libraries can be found instantly. With such a powerful technology, we have more opportunities than ever before. Learn it, use it and leverage it to your own advantage.

There is no difference between us and the successful, nothing major actually. It is just because that we subconsciously create a belief that these people are special and their standards are unreachable that made us think that they are some sort of genetic freaks. Okay, maybe there is a difference…

Like normal people, they worked hard and sacrificed to reach where they are now and that is where we differ between us and them. Most of us, including myself, are trying to find that specific technique or a specific skill that would make us instantly rich, thus, we looked over the fact the thing that people are preaching: hard work and sacrifice. Okay, maybe ‘looking over’ is a too nice of a term. I should instead say, we DENY that hard work and sacrifice have to be made. We reject it because it requires real work and we do not want to do it. The successful people instead took it step by step, the path of hard work and sacrifice; they may not know whether they would succeed but they know that it is a path that they need to take to reach to where they want to be.