Create Content Consistently

Recently, in a daily vlog, Casey Neistat said that his advice for getting 3 million subscribers is to ‘Just Keep Uploading’. Well, you might think, why? What has that got to do with getting a tremendous amount of subscribers? Actually, that has everything to do with getting a lot of subscribers or for you in achieving any kind of success at all.

‘Create Content Consistently’ is a more general form of ‘Just Keep Uploading’. It is an advice that I am sure many creatives will give you when you ask them about how they achieve success. To consistently create content, one has to have a schedule of the content that is to be made and shared. One has to have an idea of the type of content one wants to make. For starters too, one might find it useful to have a period of time where one will upload or share their content, an ideal period of time is 30 days which is enough for momentum to step in.

But why?

Well, creating content consistently has wonderful benefits especially for aspiring artists or creatives. I’m sure all of us have heard the phrase, ‘Practise makes perfect’? Creating content consistently can be seen as just that, practise. What better way to practise their crafts by doing? Aside from just practising, through the act of creating and sharing your work consistently, one is able to audit and reflect on their past works to see what works and what did not. The data that they have gathered can then be used to further experiment with other styles or techniques to make their creations and content better. In the long run, the content created will have less of the poorer works and an amplified quality of the better ones.

You can see that if one is to create content consistently, no one else will gain more than the creator himself.

Personally, now, I have my own project to create content consistently and I embedded it into my 30-day challenges. For now, all I have to do is to post a blog article once a day for 30 days. So far, I am 23 days in and I am feeling confident that I will succeed and thus far, I am beginning to feel the gains from the consistent writing: an easier flow of ideas, frequent epiphany and eureka moments and I am more expressive in sharing my ideas.

It is wonderful to feel this way and I guess I will be continuing this habit for a long time to come.