The Act of Creating

Creating is a wonderful thing and I truly believe that deep inside, all of us are creators. We are lucky to be given this gift of being able to craft something out from the resources that are at our disposal; well, that was how technology came about with the coming of the stone spear. Anyway, the act of creating is amazing and to me, awe-inspiring: a pot from clay, a painting from canvas or a photograph from light. Personally, I am on a journey of honing my craft so that one day, I can be considered as a creative. I write blog posts and recently I have started to do vlogs. It might not seem much but what matters is the act of creating itself. It is unfortunate that many people do not practise this God-given gift and instead spend time watching funny videos and doing unproductive work. If only they knew the benefits of the act of creating.

One thing that I admire about creating is the act of creating itself. I admire the way a dancer put in hours into her routine and then spend another countless of hours into ensuring that the dance is perfect. I admire the videographer who is able to use his surroundings and with a tinge of skill and expertise, able to create a movie that is captivating to the audience. It just goes to show that these creatives put in the hard work and effort into honing their crafts and their act of creating and now, can be seen as achieving success.

That aside, I am delighted to hear that many successful creatives went through the same process, the process of creating and sharing and creating again. They would keep the process up for months and most of the time, years. They practised and honed their act of creating that when they reached success, to many others, it might seem like an overnight success which is absolutely not the case. Successful creatives are successful because they do not stop the act of creating, heck, most of them prioritises creating.

A take away that all of us should keep in mind is that the act of creating is an act that has to be practised countless times. We might be born with the gift of creating but if we do not exercise that muscle, we can never mature to have a skill capable of success.