The Beauty of a Smile

A smile can brighten up the life of anyone.

I have always been amazed by the power and beauty of a smile. The angle of the eyes, the fluttering of the eyelashes, the wrinkling of the nose and the curve of the lips. A powerful expression, an expression that can be defined as so many emotions. A smile can show happiness, worry, nervousness, sadness, sarcasm and even anger, with just the change in the angle of the eyes or maybe the number of teeth shown.

A smile can be genuine like the smile someone uses when he is talking to his crush or when someone is ecstatic to meet her idol. However, a smile can also be a front. A front to cover a person’s true emotions inside such is a smile that hides the pain of a loss.

Thus, I admire the way a writer is able to capture a smile and put them in words, describing each aspect in vivid detail. They are able to describe the subtle differences between the smile exchanged between two lovers and the smile expressed by an elderly man. For a majority of us, we would keep it simple, describing a smile as just a smile unable to capture the true quality and emotion of it. I believe that we might want to know how to accurately describe a smile because it might teach us to truly appreciate it when someone smiles at us.

With a multitude of different ways one can express it, a smile is powerful. It can cause a person’s heart of flutter in delight or another to feel accepted. It can change the way we interact with people when smiles are used correctly.

Now, I hope that I can capture as many smiles as possible. 🙂

“Her easy smile could stop a man’s heart. Her lips were red. Not the garish painted red so many women believe makes them desirable. Her lips were always red, morning and night. As if minutes before you saw her, she had been eating sweet berries, or drinking heart’s blood. No matter where she stood, she was in the center of the room.”

— Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind