It’s One of Those Days

Demotivated, crushed and self-doubt creeping in slowly… such are the signs of one of ‘Those’ days.

You might be practising gratitude and a 20-minute meditation as you usually do every morning but on one of those days, you just feel different. Your mind is all clogged up, you cannot think straight, you feel completely unmotivated and lazy, and your whole body is just telling you to stop doing anything.

No matter what you try to do to solve it and start the day afresh, it always turns out to be futile. You tried taking a shower, eating a full meal, exercise and even a nap but you just get that feeling of dread and tiredness.

Unfortunately, I have no solution that I can share with you but I am pretty sure such days come in cycles. Sadly for me, today was such a day. I woke up feeling bloated and tired, I tried eating proper but that did not help, that too with drinking lots of water. My head feels like it is being pounded continuously and the back of my eyes hurt when I look at the screens of my devices. I decided to then take a break from electronic devices and started reading a book. It felt a wee bit better but not as much as I hoped for. My stomach still feels bloated even as I am writing this article.

I hate such days because I can never put my mind to do what I have to do.

Well… that is all that I can say and I hope that this feeling will come to pass.

Tomorrow will be a better day.