Staying Curious

Most of us might be trapped in a bubble called Busyness. Even though we feel the effects of it every single day, we continue pursuing Busyness thinking that because we are busy, we are actually being productive.

The instant regret that comes right after making a decision, the difficulty in coming up with ideas and the constant feeling of weights on the shoulders… Those are pretty clear signs that you are trapped in that Busyness bubble.

I believe that the most important skill that goes away quite quickly when we spent too long in Busyness is the skill of being curious. I am sure you have seen babies wide-eyed as they look at their surroundings seemingly devouring every single information from the leaves of the nearby palm tree to the lapping of the waves on the beach. Babies also seem to want to touch everything that interests them and sometimes, they would even repeat a movement over and over again such as that of the door, analysing and trying to understand how it works. Babies are innately curious of their surroundings and it is they thrive in information-rich environments.

However, unfortunately, as we grow up, we become less curious, keeping our thoughts to ourselves and asking fewer and fewer questions. Do you remember the last time you asked a question out of pure curiosity? Precisely…

We might not want to ask many questions as adults because we might be afraid that we seemed ignorant and even uneducated. We might even be afraid of asking the wrong questions so we put it off altogether. However, I honestly believe that it is because of society’s obsession with expecting someone to know in-depth about particular topics that make us so afraid.

As we suppress our child-like urge to ask questions as we age, we are also unconsciously suppressing our inner curiosity and creativity. We no longer wonder about how things work and why some things happen. We just… let them be because it is what it is…

Curiosity is important and it can play a huge role in our lives no matter how old we are. Curiosity is not just about asking questions for the sake of asking questions but instead, it is about learning and discovering, it is about feeding that child inside all of us.

Curiosity is discovering or re-discovering the world through the eyes of a child.


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