Knowing That You Are Completely Powerless

It can be anybody, your wife, your son, your daughter, your mother or your father. Anybody that you loved so dearly is lying unconscious on a bed, confined within four white walls of a private hospital room. Your loved one has tubes of various sizes connected to various parts of their body, into their trachea, the veins and even their bladder. The constant beeping of the heart rate monitor is the only sound that can be heard in an otherwise tensely silent room. Every beep that sounded makes you a little bit more nervous. Your loved one with their eyelids closed, pale skin and tensed posture, you would not know that they are still alive if not for the regular movement of the chest when they breathe.

Your loved one has been in that state for a week now. You had tried everything in your power to seek and understand the illness that had befell them. You had hired the greatest of doctors, called for the most excellent equipment and paid for the most expensive drugs but to no avail. Your efforts seemed futile.

You are rich, powerful and known to the world as the wealthiest man alive who is able to raze industries and rebuild them anew. You are known to be in control of several monopolies each costing billions of dollars but now… all you could do is stand there, powerless.

With your eyes puffy from a week of sleepless nights and surviving on cups of coffee, you stood there with shoulders slumped forward as a sign of defeat. You have never felt so helpless.

What is the point of having all the power in the world when you cannot even save the life of the ones you love? What is the point of being rich and wealthy when you cannot share it with your loved ones? What is the point of living in a huge mansion if you are the only one there? What is the point?

At that moment, you realised that nothing else mattered more than to see them smiling at you again.


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