Wanting More Time

All of us want more time. A bleary-eyed office worker wants more time to finish her proposal that is due the next morning, a student wants more time to finish his essay for an examination, a young girl wants more time to spend with her dying mother.

No matter what we do, we never felt that we have enough time. We never felt that the time that was given was just right. We cling on to each thread of hope, praying that if we just have a little more time, all would be alright. But in reality, it never will be will it?

Time is a commodity that we cannot control nor gain, we can only lose it. Hence, even though we know that time exists, we can never fully grasp it like hands going through clouds. It is also a commodity that has its amount unique to each individual where the amount is not known. Thus, every single second that passes, each of our heavenly clock will tick closer to our unforeseen end.

However, shouldn’t we fret on how we spend our time instead of how much time we have?

The time that we have is limited but the way we can spend that time is almost infinite. It does not really matter if we have all the time in the world, if we spend the time procrastinating, we will still end up not changing anything — we will still remain in the status quo. However, if we spend the time working or learning something, by the end of it, we would have made some progress or gathered new knowledge.

Furthermore, it is not just how we spend time that matters but the quality of how we spend that time. For the young girl who wants more time to spend with her dying mother, the practical thing to do is to make her mother’s last few days or hours her best ones by making her laugh and giving lots of affection. Just by being there will not cut it but by actually putting in quality into the way that time is spent.

If you are to learn anything from this post, it is this: Don’t waste time, make every second worth it because there is not much left.



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