What I am Afraid Of

I am afraid that when I am finally gone, I will not leave behind anything of significance. I am afraid that I will not have benefitted humanity in any way. I am afraid that my life would be a waste.

When some people leave this world, you can see the impact they left. You can see it through the responses of distraught fans on social media, the conversations people have about them, the headlines on the newspapers and the turnout for their funeral processions.

When the death of a legend — Muhammad Ali — occurred, social media went insane, tributes poured in with people giving their final respects and thanking him for his contribution to the world. Photographs from the past and tributes started to fill the feeds of all social media, videos of his interviews, captions of his quotes and talks on the great work he had done. The mass media was also filled with his photographs, headlines filled with his name and television showing reruns of his interviews. He was an inspiration and loved by many, and the screens of the world reflected that.

Even though I know that I won’t make such a great impact like the late Muhammad Ali, I still want to have made a difference in people’s lives. I want to be someone that people look up to as an inspiration, a role model for the people and the definition of a dream fulfilled. I want others to benefit from my existence and let others know how I had changed their lives.

I do not want to be just another individual that was born, lived and died with no one remembering the good deeds that I have done or anybody remembering my name.

I just don’t want to be just another a gift from God that was wasted.

“We leave nothing behind except the legacy that we’ve worked hard for.”



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