When It Starts to Become a Chore

I have been writing blog posts every single day for more than a month now and it is an activity that I enjoy very much. However, there are days when I feel unmotivated, days when I feel worn down and tired, days when I feel that writing has become a chore instead of something that gives me inspiration.

It becomes difficult to write, struggling to put words on the page, each attempt producing nothing of essence resulting in increased frustration and wasted time. So I did what I thought was the most logical which is to move away from it.

I have this principle — I’m pretty sure I read it from somewhere — when it comes to writing or creating anything, which is to distance yourself away from it whenever there is no smooth flow of ideas. It is to prevent frustration from building up and turning a once enjoyable activity becoming something that we dread.

Furthermore, I think that sometimes our minds just need time. It needs time to process and think, it needs time to form patterns and ideas, and it needs time to connect all of the information that you have given it.

To me, writing has always been something I am interested in and fascinated with and I would not want to ruin the enjoyment that I get from it. Thus, I try my very best to stay clear of it being a chore:

  1. Write when I want to write and never when I’m tired
  2. Get inspired
  3. Read



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