The Search for Inspiration

I have been writing short stories on my Instagram page for 15 days now since the start of June as part of my Monthly Challenge and yesterday I posted a thought about inspiration. Here it is:

Inspiration is that fleeting emotional fire that comes when we least expect it.

Inspiration is that cognitive phenomenon, a product of the wandering mind, finding sense between seemingly random pieces of data.

And, inspiration is that fragment of an idea that appears to flow past in between our fingers when we try to grasp it but when we do, it feels as if we can comprehend the world and all of its infinite wonder.

Maybe that is why we search for it so that we can yield its power to create something beyond our own human capabilities.

That above is what I think inspiration is, as a fleeting emotional fire that has to be searched and fed.

Therefore, now, I am in sort of a crisis. I have not felt that emotional burst of ecstasy for a long while and probably it is because I have not been going out as often. Thus, the information that I consume on a daily basis is the familiar things which, I think, do not allow my brain to create new connections and patterns for inspiration to happen.

So, the search for inspiration is real especially in the world of boredom. Nothing really comes to mind and sometimes — actually most of the time — it becomes frustrating. I guess, I have to really put in the effort to find it. However, for now, I am using my old ideas that I had brainstorm to do my daily creative activities — thank God for that.

Anyway, I do want to know what keeps other people inspired! 😀




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