I Have Always

Since I was in primary school, I have always loved science. I have always been curious about it, wanting to know more, wanting to learn more. I have always been fascinated by how science work. Thus, it may not be a surprise that I decided that I wanted to be a scientist. Yes, a scientist. Not a doctor or a lawyer but a scientist. I realised that I had the potential and the interest enough to be a scientist so I decided to pursue the scientific path in my education from secondary school all through junior college. I did well too. Even though I have am curious about the sciences, I am particular interested in Biology. I love

Even though I have am curious about the sciences, I am particular interested in Biology. I love to know how the body functions, how life functions and how, everything from the minuscule of molecules to the largest of cells, play a role in life. My interest even propelled me to pick up a Lifescience major for my degree in university.

All of that seems fine and dandy. However, I  am unable to see myself doing the sciences in the future. I am unable to picture myself in the lab carrying out research day after day after day. I am unable to visualise myself spending countless hours repeating experiments after experiments. I just could not see a career in that. Maybe it does not seem fulfilling and satisfying… I do not know. Maybe I should give it a chance and see whether I like it in university. All I know is that I want to have a career that gives me a sense of fulfilment and accomplishment every single day.

Then, there is the question of whether I should further my studies after graduating from university with a degree. In the past, not too long ago, I wanted to study post-graduate medicine however, I realised that it is too expensive and the timeline before I can begin my career is just too long. Then, I decided maybe if not medicine, I should further my studies in Biology. However, the financial problem arises. I realised after, that if I want to further my studies after getting a degree, I would need a scholarship or start working first to finance my studies because I no longer want to burden my parents.

Thus, I am stuck in this dilemma so to speak, the dilemma of how I should go about my life.

However, after thinking about it for a while, I guess it is counterproductive to plan too far ahead because we will never know what will happen and what opportunities that may arise. I might turn out to like research and thus, pursue a career in it or I might realise that research is not for me and pursue a career in something else like in the Arts or in healthcare. Things happen and I should let them run its course. Therefore, I believe that my duty now is to do my utmost best in whatever that I do and nothing more.

Life is unpredictable and we should focus on what we can control and not on what we cannot.


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