What Are You Willing to Do?

All of us have dreams, be it big dreams or small. Some of us have dreams to rule the world, while others have dreams to be happily married. But the question is not really what our dreams are but what are we willing to do to achieve those dreams.

Are we willing to spend working tirelessly? Are we willing to put in the effort to meet the educational pre-requisites? Are we willing to sacrifice everything just to give your dream a shot?

If you say no to any one of these questions, maybe you might not want that dream as much as you say you want it. Like me, I do not have a dream that I am willing to put 100% of my effort in. I believe I am still in the stage of trial and error where what I am willing to do is to try as many things as possible, to experience the wide and wondrous world.

Maybe you’re like me, maybe you are not. Whatever it might be, we need to have a moment, a moment to figure out how much we are willing to do, how much we are willing to put in into achieving that dream.


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