You don’t deserve what you think you deserve

Most of us — first-worlders — were born into a life that is comfortable, a life that allows us to thrive, a life of a middle-class citizen. If we were to compare ourselves to the rest of the world, we basically hit the jackpot. We have scored big time in life with access to countless opportunities that most third-worlders can only dream of.

Think about it. We never had to work tirelessly for food, fight for a roof over our heads or even beg for a drink of water. Never do we need to live a life that is unexpected, the thought of when our next meal constantly occupying our minds. Our lives are certain and predictable.

Isn’t it amazing that we have access to quality healthcare, a solid and good education, a job that pays well? And yet, we still complained.

Unfortunately, this is a rising trend and I personally feel that many individuals today carry on their daily lives with a sense of entitlement to everything. They lacked appreciation for the things that they have and are unable to see that what they have are luxuries.

We need to realise that no one is entitled to anything. We are not entitled to the phones in our pockets, the efficient public transport, the food before us or even the education that we receive. We need to recognise that all of those things are luxuries, benefits given to us because we just so happened to strike the lottery.

I feel that appreciation for what we have is a dying trait, a value that most of us no longer practise. We need to remember that we would not have what we have without the hard work and sacrifice of the people before us, the people who had helped build the first-world countries that we are living in today.


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