When It All Ends

All of us know that time is precious, time does not wait nor can time be given back. It moves on, flowing, changing and shifting taking away with it a small essence of every living thing.

However, even after knowing this, we waste time. We prioritise things that do not bring benefit, things that would bring us a lost in the long run. We play instead of perfecting our craft, we sleep instead of studying, we gossip instead of hustling.

As days turn into weeks and weeks into months and months into years, procrastination begins to take a toll. We grow older not necessarily wiser, we grow older not necessarily more successful, we grow older not necessarily smarter.

We come to regret not practising our craft, we come to regret not learning as many things as possible, we come to regret the time that we lose to procrastination.

But who can we blame but ourselves, ourselves who had decided to prioritise procrastination over anything else?

And when it all ends, when time has taken all of our essence, we come to gain nothing leaving nothing behind, nothing that reminds the world that we had ever existed.



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