A New Chapter

In a few weeks (about two), a new chapter in my life will unfold. I will start my university education at the National University of Singapore. I will be majoring in the Life Sciences.

For 20 years of my life, I had worked hard for this, I had studied hard for this and now I am finally here. I thank Allah for everything that has ever happened that had helped me achieve this feat.

Enrolling into a university has always been a destination that my parents had set for me and a destination that I had set for myself. All the examinations, countless hours of studying and the sleepless nights throughout my 20 years of life was for this.

I guess, I haven’t really had the time to appreciate this moment, the success that I have finally achieved. It is a success that can never be fulfilled without the help of family, friends, teachers and Allah.

University is not going to be easy, that I know. It is going to be a tough 4 years but I know that I can survive through this like I always have. I believe that it is going to be an exciting 4 years full of memories, cherished moments and long-lasting friendships and as I had worked hard to reach where I am now, I hope to treasure every single moment.



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