Stories for Imagination

You know what I want to be able to do when I am at the age of 60+?

I would want to be able to tell stories to my children and grandchildren. I would want to be able to share with them stories of my adventures, the wonderful and amazing things I did. I would want to be able to tell them the stories about the people, the cultures and the places that I had visited. I would want to bring my children and grandchildren joy as I tell them these stories, to make their eyes open wide with awe and strive to be even more awesome than I am.

I would want to be able to do all that because I think it would be proof that I had lived life well.

To me, I believe stories are able to open up the imagination, to allow oneself to immerse in a world that is beyond reality, to experience something that they might not ever experience. That is precisely what I want to bring to my children and grandchildren.

But to do all that, I have to live life and throw myself out there to experience whatever the world has to offer.


Precious Sleep

I believe that it has been 4 days since I’ve had a good night’s rest.

Every day since then, I have been tossing and turning in my bed, having vivid dreams (closer to nightmares), and waking up with no apparent reason. Even though I know that I have spent 7-8 hours lying in bed, but I do not feel refreshed and energise.

Furthermore, in the past two days, I have been getting only 6 hours of sleep including today. So far, I only have the occasional yawn which can easily be solved by some caffeine but I know that if this were to continue for a longer period of time, I would suffer the consequences such as a weaker immune system and lack of focus (which I sorely need).

So, I guess, for today, I shall attempt to make the best use of my 6 hours of sleep and probably have a nap tomorrow.

Cheers to all and I hope all of you have an awesome sleep.

Never Let Go

Most of the time, I feel that we do not show enough appreciation to the people around us, to the people that have raised us, to the people that have loved us unconditionally, to the people that have helped us in our darkest of times.

Sometimes, I feel that we are taking advantage of those people because we think we can. Maybe we think that we have the time to.

We do not realise that we don’t.

Because every moment that we spent existing is a moment shorter spent with your loved ones, a moment shorter to hug them, to feel them, to smell them…

And when they are taken away from us, it will all be too late.

Even now, I regret the many moments that I had wasted not spending time with my parents (they are still alive, may they have a long life ahead) and it will continue to be a lost till I die.

However, I make it a habit to hug them whenever I can and to spend some time with them whenever I can. I want to show them that I care and I appreciate them.

Love your family, your sons, your daughters, whomever that you cherish and never let go.



The Truth We All Seek

We may or may not know it but innately, all of us are seeking for the truth. Some seek the truth of life in religion, letting their faith guide them while there are others who seek the truth in science, in its many abstract forms and incompleteness. Also, there are a few that seek truth in philosophy, the wondrous world of ifs and whens.

Be it through religion, science or philosophy, we are seeking the truth. The truth of our existence, the reason behind it all, and even, the purpose of why we exist in the first place.

Religion may provide the answers, however, sometimes, people may find that it is littered with flaws and practices that are no longer applicable to the modern age.

So, they turn to science. Science is based on facts and research. Things that are real and can be calculated and computed, tangible things. However, some may find that it is incomplete. Science does not have all the answers and scientists believe that they have the closest truth that they possibly can at that point in time. But maybe, it is because of that closeness and calculatable nature of science that is attractive to many people.

Philosophy, on the other hand, is fluid and complex that many might not even begin to understand. Some truths might be hidden in there but one requires to be able to understand the complexities of it all to even begin to comprehend it.

Three ways that people can seek truth and three ways where people can decide to live their lives by.

But those three ways are not the end.

No matter which way we choose to seek the truth, I believe that ultimately, all of them will converge to a single truth.

I personally believe that those three ways and just three languages speaking about the same thing.

Write what you want

I know… I know..

The instant dopamine rush the moment you see the likes pile up in your notifications can be very satisfying but that shouldn’t be the reason you write.

I have always strived to write whatever I want in my blog posts and the moment I steer off course, my writing would become cold and horrible. I believe in the past, there are a few examples of that (some digging is needed).

Write what you want, not what you think your readers want and when you start to write something that you are not interested in just for the likes, people can smell that crap from miles away.

Be yourself, I guess, is an awesome advice. Well, people do give that advice especially if you want to ask someone out. Maybe, there is some substance in that and thus, I guess, it applies to writing too.

Make sure that topic that you write about fascinates you and therefore, channel that fascination into your writing. Convince the readers why the topic that you are writing about it so fascinating and naturally, the likes will come!

So, write! Write about the things that you love, the things that interest you and the things that make you, you!

How Are You?

Sometimes, we just need to take a moment and ask ourselves, how are we?

It has been a long week for me.

Every free time I have is occupied by schoolwork and revision. Also, I feel that there is always something for me to do. I guess, I don’t really want to waste time doing things that do not bring value.

Furthermore, my days end pretty late into the night and I do not really have time to think and write or to just be plain creative (something that I really missed).

But what is more important is that I did not really have the time to ask myself if I’m all right.

Because, yesterday, I cried.

I’m not sure if you have listened to Quranic recitations but let me tell you that they are able to move you even if you do not understand a word. Furthermore, if the reciter has a beautiful voice along with his mastery of the pronunciation and the proper intonation of the Quran, he will be able to make you cry, like I did.

I guess it was the feeling of guilt and sin that surfaced. The feeling that I’m not doing enough to better myself. The realisation that all the problems that I am experiencing now are because of me and not anyone else.

And, I have to change.

It is the time to draw the line, to say that enough is enough and to move forward.

Sometimes, we just need a little time to be in touch with our inner selves, the innocent soul within all of us, to just be our own greatest motivator when no one else will.

Even though I was really tired at that point in time, I’m glad that I was able to release all that emotion and to have a conversation with my soul.

I think it is truly beneficial.

So, take a moment, just a wee bit moment, to ask yourself, ‘How Are You?’


My Best Work

Every single day, in everything that I do, I will always tell myself this one thing:

Put in your best work.

I mean, you could put in your worst work ever, or you could just slack off and stop trying but ultimately, you lose.

You lose because if this is something that you are forced to do and that there is no way around it, wouldn’t it be better if you take something out of that whole experience?

And by putting your best work, you can see how far you can master that skill and how far you can make it worth your time.

Currently, I’m learning Statistics. Well, a module that I am definitely dreading, however, I realised that that module, the skills taught, could really be of use one day, so instead of taking the easy way out and failing that module, I decided that it would be better if I challenge myself and see how proficient I can be in it.

Sometimes, it is hard to see the value in something but that really does not matter because what truly matters is your attitude and the effort that you put in to reap something good out of that whole experience.