I’m happy right now

I’m really happy right now.

I was all prepared for sleep; a cup of water, the air-conditioner blowing and the lights switched off, and that was when I realised that I was happy, I was truly happy.

You know that you are really happy when there’s a fluttering feeling in your chest when you smile, or when you experience an emotion that uplifts you and you realise that nothing else truly matters.

I experienced that.

It was a wonderful feeling.

I guess I was happy because everything has just been going wonderfully for me: I’m finally in NUS, I’ve been seeing my friends and socialising a lot, I’ve been enjoying taking photographs, and an article of mine was accepted by a Publication on Medium… just to name a few.

I can only see an upward slope from here and that made me feel very optimistic about the future.

However, I’ve always believed that after each bout of happiness, there will be intense stress and vice versa but while the happiness still lasts, I think I will grab it by the reins and hold on to it for as long as I possibly can.


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