Getting S*** back together

As excited I am for school to begin, I’m dreading it too.

I’m dreading the amount of work that needs to be done. Gone were the days that I can wake up whenever I want, sleep whenever I want, do whatever I want or just laze around all day.

Well, I guess, they’re part of the package of going back to school.

However, what I’m really dreading or cursing at is getting everything back together. Two years of National Service really tears you down, your routines changed from the last time you were in school, your body adjusted to a different kind of clock and your mind becomes lazy and less sharp.

What I need to do now is to:

  1. Find a new routine
  2. Set a solid timetable and periods that I will use for studying
  3. Stop habits like morning Youtube subscription sessions
  4. Exercising regularly
  5. Sleep on time
  6. Get my brain working again

Time to get prepared!



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