Love Yourself

I’m sure many of us have been told or heard the advice of loving ourselves before we can even begin to love others.

“You must learn to love yourself before you can learn someone else.”

We might think that loving ourselves is something easy, something that comes natural but do not be surprised if I tell you that many of us out there, wandering about do not love ourselves like we should.

We put ourselves through pain and torture, through the ups and downs of broken relationships, through the sorrow of losing someone who never actually loved us in the first place. We dwell too long on things that damage us, things like drugs, alcohol and smoking. We ruin ourselves from the outside in likewise from the inside out and still we continue to convince ourselves that we love ourselves.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

To love ourselves is to love our emotions, character, personalities as well as loving our external, our eyes, nose, our facial features, our body. We shouldn’t be doing anything destructive to it nor hate ourselves for having it.

Embrace ourselves for who we are, for who we are born to be.

Don’t compare ourselves to others in terms of our looks and personalities, we will never be them as much as we strive to be. You are you and instead of hating ourselves for it, why don’t we love and embrace it?



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