All of us know the pain of starting again, the amount of effort we need to take that first step.

But all of us also know the ease that comes after that first step.

Like the start of a new exercise routine, one has to put in a lot of effort to attend that first gym session or to eat healthily but after a while, as momentum begins to pick up, the task becomes automated, instinctive and easy.

We can apply that thought process for almost every new thing that we want to embark on.

Instead of dreading that first step and the assumed ‘pain’ that comes with it, just do it. Take that first step and push forward.

Build that momentum up and soon you will realise that everything would be easy.

I am building up that momentum for my university and I am especially struggling with the change of pace and lifestyle. However, I know that once I’ve properly built the necessary foundations, everything will feed off of that momentum and go full automatic.

So, put off that thought of dread and ‘suffering’. Just take that first step.



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