How will you want to end? 

From the moment we were born, we’re on the inevitable road to death. The things in between birth and death is what I call life. 

Everyone has their own way of life, their own stories to create, their own paths to choose. No two lives are ever the same just like how two identical twins are never the same. 

In the period of our existence called life, one has the ability to choose what they want to do, what they want to achieve, what legacy they want to make and it is through that ability to choose can one craft out that funny thing called living. 

But as we preoccupy ourselves with life, we forget the inevitable thing that will happen to all of us, the scary or the liberating thing called death. 

Maybe the thought had struck us, the thought of death tickled us in our most vulnerable moments such as those late night drinks, those bouts of depression and confusion… 

But when the first of the sun rays peeked through the cloudless night sky, we forget that that thought had even occurred. 

So, allow me to remind myself and you about death and it’s unpredictable nature. 

How will you want to end? 

Have you ever thought about that? 

Have you ever thought about your funeral, the way you want it to be, the number of people that will show up? 

Have you thought about the number of lives you have touched, the people that you’ve inspired? 

Have you imagined the sounds that you’ll hear during your funeral, the quiet sobbing of your loved ones, the wailing of your wife/husband, the amount of tears that will be shed that day? 

Death is inevitable, the only prediction that will happen. 

And because of its inevitability should we take a moment to think about it, to ponder over it.

Because you may never know how long you have left to live.


4 thoughts on “How will you want to end? 

  1. In the end. It doesn’t matter what we do in life as we die anyways and we can’t bring our money, success etc with us into our next “life” so people should not focus so much on goals and just live life in the moment and enjoy every minute of it before it is taken away.

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