Sadness: A Fascinating Emotion

I’ve been meddling around with different thoughts and ideas, trying to move away from the thoughts on life itself and instead focusing more on its periphery, the emotions that govern our lives. 

Emotions are ways where one expresses themselves. Happiness, sadness, anger, disgust and so on. 

Recently, I’ve been interested in the events that trigger such emotions in a person especially those that governs sadness. 

What makes a person cry? 

Guilt, anger, hurt are just a few of the various triggers that cause a person to cry. Though, that begs the question of whether crying equals to sadness. 

Thus, shall I begin this quest in understanding more about this fascinating yet unfortunate (most of the time) state. 

What makes you feel sad? 


10 thoughts on “Sadness: A Fascinating Emotion

    1. I’ve noticed that one of the things that makes me sad is thinking about something that I can’t change, usually one is sad about things that happened in the past, there’s no such thing as sadness over the future, unless you imagine the future happening in that moment.
      But there are emotions like worry, fear and anxiety over the future, which are distinctly different from sadness.
      Maybe it would be useful understanding what are emotions in general, and what are their purposes.
      I’d agree to the fact that crying doesn’t equate sadness, you might cry out of joy in fact, or compassion.
      Thank you for making me think about it 🙂

      P.S. : have you seen Inside out? It might just make you rethink about sadness…

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      1. Yeah. Wow. “there’s no such thing as sadness over the future” that is so right!

        I guess many people do because they’ve lost hope, they view that future as a dark shadow that is slowly coming to envelope them, that everything will be bleak. That’s unfortunate because the future hasn’t happened yet.

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      2. Yes, exactly I think it has a lot to do with the loss of hope. And that’s really unfortunate, instead on focusing on what we can do now to improve our situation, we’re frozen by the fear of all the horrible (and often unlikely) things that might happen even before they happen. If we just let ourselves feel our emotions, we would often discover that it wasn’t that scary or at least nothing we couldn’t handle anyway..

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