Hesitate and you will fail

Procrastination, I believe is something most of us struggle with every single day. It prevents us from reaching our goals, compells us to dabble in things that are not productive and it wastes our time. 

However, I realised that procrastinating isn’t really the problem. The problem begins with hesitation. 

We hesitate to do something that we know needs to be done, we hesitate to begin an exercise routine that we had set for ourselves, we hesitate to start the process/training required to achieve a certain goal. Soon after, we procrastinate and thus, the vicious cycle begins.

Based on my calendar, this morning was run day. I had scheduled it on my calendar on Google using the ‘Goals’ function which helps me to slot in that exercise in a free period in the day. It was scheduled to be at 0700hrs. 

However, I woke up with aches and sores from training the other day and I almost gave in to that. I told myself, don’t hesitate, just wear your shoes and run and so I did. 

It turned out to be wonderful after the run, the sores alleviated and I was feeling fresh. Imagine if I had hesitated, I would have gave up and went back to bed. I wouldn’t feel refreshed and alive as I was after the run. 

I guess, over time, experimenting with different tips and techniques, it all boils down to hesitation. 

Especially for things that will help us to achieve our goals and things that will play a part in our future successes, we shouldn’t even attempt to hesitate. 

A thought. 

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