Children should Dream

When we were just little kids, we dream of big things. We dream of what we want to be, what we want to achieve, how we want the world to be.

We hope… a lot.

We hope for the world to be a better place, for the wars to stop, even though we might not have the capacity to understand the cause of it because I believe, deep inside, deep within all children is an intense desire for peace and happiness all around.

Have you ever seen a child smile, how beautiful and sweet their smiles are? They smile as if the world is in complete peace, complete stability. They smile as if the sun is shining bright with the cool breeze blowing against their skin. They smile because I believe that within them, they are made of flowers and rainbows.

Children are fragile and when they are exposed to war, they are broken forever. They may not understand the reasons behind the war but when that bomb hits, the flowers and rainbows within them disappear. They are prematurely exposed to the harsh reality of the adult world.

Omran, the child in that viral photograph who was sitting in that ambulance after being rescued by a paramedic, who knows what was going on in his mind, the immense amount of shock that he might have felt, the pain buzzing and the loud ringing in his ears…

He might not have thought of anything at all, but when I saw that photograph, I know that he doesn’t deserve it, no children do.

Honestly, all I can do, all I believe we can do is to provide monetary if not, social support by raising awareness and talking about it. Do not treat the war as invisible, do not treat any other conflict as invisible for the innocents need our voice to speak.

Every single day, the wars, the conflicts are in my mind. I think about them from time to time, giving a little prayer ever so often, hoping, wishing that it will all soon come to an end.

I hope that humanity will learn from its mistakes, really. Enough lives have been lost.

Children should be allowed to dream, to hope, to aspire. They should be allowed to have big dreams, to have ambitions.

I pray for the safety of everyone in Syria, in Palestine, the safety of all refugees and all those that are in need of assistance. May the conflicts end swiftly.

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