Success is the easy part

All of us have big dreams, dreams to achieve something great, dreams to be the best at something.

We admire the greats, the legends that had achieved to be the best in their fields, and we tend to tell ourselves that they’re different, that we will never be like them.

But, don’t we realise that they are just like us, their achievements are just the easy part, the things that you see they do are just a small part of a long list of hard work and dedication that they had put in for countless of hours.

Achieving success is the easy part but behind the scenes, the consistent hard work and training one puts themselves in is what truly makes a legend, a legend.

What’s different between us and them is that they are willing to put in those extra hours of work, those extra preparations, those, literally, blood, sweat and tears.

We need to stop imposing on ourselves mental barriers because only by removing those self-imposed walls can we truly reach our true potential.

Be it in the academics or in sports or whatever field that you are pursuing, know that the only limit that you have is the limit that you had set for yourself.

So, go on, strive to achieve those dreams and be the legend that you have always wanted to be.


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