Never Let Go

Most of the time, I feel that we do not show enough appreciation to the people around us, to the people that have raised us, to the people that have loved us unconditionally, to the people that have helped us in our darkest of times.

Sometimes, I feel that we are taking advantage of those people because we think we can. Maybe we think that we have the time to.

We do not realise that we don’t.

Because every moment that we spent existing is a moment shorter spent with your loved ones, a moment shorter to hug them, to feel them, to smell them…

And when they are taken away from us, it will all be too late.

Even now, I regret the many moments that I had wasted not spending time with my parents (they are still alive, may they have a long life ahead) and it will continue to be a lost till I die.

However, I make it a habit to hug them whenever I can and to spend some time with them whenever I can. I want to show them that I care and I appreciate them.

Love your family, your sons, your daughters, whomever that you cherish and never let go.




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