Do we ever grow up?

It was my friend’s birthday today. He turned 21. He seemed to not have changed over the years. He was, to me, the same old him with the same character, antics and attitude. That was when the thought struck me. Do we ever grow up or rather, do our personalities change?

From the moment when we were born into this world, we grow both physically and mentally. We learned new things, picked up new skills and become more proficient in the ways we control our bodies. Furthermore, as we entered puberty, we become more mature, learning to understand the ways of adulthood and all of its political correctness. However, with all of that change happening, do our personalities change?

As we grow up and age chronologically, we are exposed to new information that might change our perceptions and decisions on different issues. However, that does not mean that our personalities change. We are still the same old us, aren’t we?

I guess the best way to truly understand this is by observing the young ones grow up. Even in their infant years, these young ones have a certain personality attached to them. Parents could testify to this. Some are known to be loud and demanding, some are mischievous and there are others who are just quiet. As they grow up, you could see these same personalities of theirs but just in ways that are more expressed and specific such as loud in terms of enthusiasm or even quiet in terms of observant. So, does this mean that we are born with such personalities and as we grow up, these personalities are just more developed?

So what does this mean exactly?

Do we ever grow up?


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