You can’t do this because… 

Don’t let people dictate what you can or cannot do. 

There’s always people around you who will tell you that you are not good enough to do something, that you don’t have the skillset needed to succeed in something. They can be your parents, your siblings, your friends or even people from your community. 

They might tell you that you can’t do this because it is too hard and risky, or you can’t do that because you are not that capable. 

And they might tell you that over and over again. 

But remember, don’t let people dictate what you can or cannot do because ultimately, the one who knows best is you. 

You know what you’re capable of, you know how far you can go, you know your own skillsets. 

You are the one who will live that life and the one that faces the consequences of it. 

Many people have succeeded by taking the road less travelled. Entrepreneurs are a good example. They go out of their way to risk their lives for a success that they might never see. They put themselves out there, confident in their own skills and abilities. That’s what a lot of us need to be. 

People might advise you because they are worried for you and most of the time, their advice are based on reasonable grounds. However, also, most of the time, advice tends towards the safer side, the less risky side. 

I’m not here to tell you that you can do anything because no one can but you can do the things that you put your heart and soul into. 

Your limitations are only bound by the mental walls that you erect. 


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