Why do I put my story out there?

Everybody has a story and everybody has their own way of recording their story.

My blog is the book where my story lies. A digital document that (I hope) could stand the test of time. An immortalisation of my existence. In it are pages upon pages of thoughts and ideas, conversations and discussions. By reading it, you can enter my brain and explore the deep emotions that I felt at that moment in time.

You can enter an delve through the monologues I have with myself, the opinions that I couldn’t wait to share with the world.

Blogging is a way for me to archive myself just like how an editor archives his past work. I am after all, a work in progress.

I don’t blog privately. I want to share my life with the world, to allow the world to listen to my opinions, thoughts, dreams and emotions. To allow the world to enter my heart and delve through my memories.

And I hope you do.

I believe that stories are meant to be shared and meant to be told. What is the point of stories if no one is there to read them?



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