Haven’t Figured it Out

When you’re in your 20s, everyone expects you to have everything figured out.

But you don’t.

You’re in a mess,

Lying in a bed filled with dirty clothes.

You sat up, surveying the room,

It’s filled with all kinds of trash.

You pulled the curtains and opened the windows, the early morning sunlight blinding your eyes. It’s early, it’s Sunday.

You took a pair of shorts from the floor and put it on. You looked at your phone. Notifications filled the screen.

“Mom (2 missed calls)”

You thought to yourself, “What does she want?”.

You pulled the glass door open and entered the shower. A quick rinse and some soap and you’re out.

Boiled water and a packet of instant coffee.

You flipped your Macbook screen open and with a few clicks, you began to write.



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